What is the difference between the various types of massage?

Remedial massage, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage, Swedish massage, Myofascial release, Neuromuscular release, Soft tissue release, Trigger point massage, Lymphatic massage … the list seems endless. But what is the difference between the various types of massage?

When we were studying at the Northern Institute of Massage the then principal, Eddie Caldwell, would often be asked by new students what the difference was and if the Institute taught them. His answer was yes they ran courses for different types of massage but would add “do you know, at the end of the day it’s all skin rubbing”. Now this isn’t strictly true. There are differences, and they don’t just involve rubbing of the skin. But Mr Caldwell’s down-to-earth approach always manages to put things into perspective.

Massage, although an ancient art, is constantly being updated as variations in procedure or new therapeutic techniques are added to the toolbox. Unfortunately these new techniques are often padded out, inflated and given a new name in order to create a whole new therapy. It might be cynical to suggest that the reason for this …

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Is Massage An Art Or A Science?

Let’s cut to the chase. The answer to the question ’is massage an art or a science’ is that it is both. Massage is one of the oldest practical arts and one of the newest sciences.

Ok, that was easy enough but now we have answered that question let’s take a closer look at what we actually mean by massage being an art and a science.

Art in this context could be defined as: the application of human creativity and imagination using practical and personal skills. Science is the pursuit of knowledge and the exploration of the world based on evidence.

Put simply science teaches to ‘know’ and art teaches to ‘do’.

The Art of Massage

The art of massage involves more than the practical skill of a well developed sense of touch and may involve the following:

Thinking intuitively

Being intuitive is not an excuse for woolly mindedness or delusional thinking. It is a practical way of making sense of a complicated and immediate situation. An instinctive strategy for dealing with novelty in an urgent and complex world. …

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how can massage help with osteoarthritis?

Arthritis: Myths and Facts

Osteoarthritis is an inevitable consequence of getting older

It is commonly thought that osteoarthritis is due to wear and tear as we age – but this isn’t inevitable and is far from the full story. There are several factors thought to increase the risk of developing the condition including genetics and having a joint injury in the past, especially if it was overused before it was given enough time to heal. Recent studies suggest osteoarthritis may be caused by activation of a chain reaction in the bodies defence mechanism causing low grade chronic inflammation.


Regular massage therapy can lead to improvements in the sypmtoms of osteoarthritis

Recent studies on the effects of massage for arthritis symptoms have shown regular use of massage therapy led to improvements in pain, stiffness, range of motion, hand grip strength and overall function of the joints. Arthritis Foundation


Osteoarthritis is made worse by being big and heavy

It isn’t so much about how big you are and more about …

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Muscle Clinic Massage Room Plymouth

New Massage Room for The Muscle Clinic

We are pleased to have moved into a new, larger treatment room at the end of November 2014. The Muscle Clinic is still based at The Millfields Trust HQ, but we have taken a bigger room, which is much nearer to the reception area. The new room is much quieter and warmer, with more space to move about.

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