We are currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Updated 11/07/20

We are desperate to re-open, especially as we fell through the gaps with the government self-employed furlough scheme. However, after carrying out a risk assessment we have come to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be a safe course of action.

As a population, we are told to social distance, to use contactless payments, and to wash our hands frequently especially after touching shared surfaces. Yet we are told that as masseurs we can have hands-on contact with patients, with limited PPE, in a confined space for up to one hour. The World Health Organisation has now stated that airborne transmission of the virus may take place in a confined space (this is different from droplet transmission from coughs and sneezes and can be produced by talking and simply breathing) the droplets are smaller and stay in the air for longer making cleaning surfaces between patients inadequate protection.

We understand people’s frustration, especially as the individual risk to a patient visiting the clinic is relatively low, and one most people would be willing to take occasionally, especially if in pain. However, the risk to masseurs who, day in day out could be exposed to the virus will be considerably higher. We have calculated, using information from the government website, that 1 in 3600 people are shedding the virus at any one time. With the number of massages we expect to do, over the next six months, we estimate the chances of coming into contact with a carrier of the virus are very high and the risk to be unacceptable.

The health of our patients, ourselves, and our families, and the continued good reputation of our profession is paramount even if it means sacrificing our wage and struggling over the next few months. This has been a difficult and heartbreaking decision to make but we are not alone in drawing this conclusion.

Please contact us for a free telephone consultation to discuss your condition, and we will be able to offer you advice and exercises. Please keep an eye on this page for further updates.

Although we run the clinic with the highest standards of hygiene, we have a duty of care towards our patients, and have to consider the close contact nature of what we do.

We wish all of our clients and their families the best – stay safe and well.

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The Muscle Clinic: Massage Therapy in Plymouth by David and Charlotte McGuinness

We are both members of the National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists (NAMMT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).


I studied Advanced Remedial Massage (2014), Remedial Massage (2004), and Sports Massage at the Northern Institute of Massage.

Muscle Clinic Remedial Massage Plymouth David

I ran a successful clinic in the Lake District for ten years, where I gained the trust and respect of the local communities. We moved to Plymouth in 2012. Since then, I have continued my professional development. Recent courses include: Knee Injuries and Shoulder Joint Assessment and Treatment Strategies at The Massage Training School in Bristol.

I began my working life in a hospital pathology department and qualified in biochemistry and Medical Laboratory Science. I enjoy swimming, surfing, art, music and theatre.

Charlotte (RmADV, NAMMT, CNHC)

I qualified in Advanced Remedial Massage (2014) and Remedial Massage (2013) at the Northern Institute of Massage, and continue to keep up to date with the latest research in massage therapy.

Muscle Clinic Remedial Massage Plymouth Charlotte

Before moving to Plymouth, I ran The Muscle Clinic in the Lake District with David, where I was also deputy manager of an outdoor centre. While living there, I worked as a First Responder, dealing with emergencies in remote locations.

I love yoga, Pilates, surfing, art, music, books and cinema.