Remedial Massage Diploma

We’re proud to announce that Charlotte has recently received her Remedial Massage Diploma qualification. This is the culmination of a year’s seminars, coursework and case studies, and a full day of practical and written exams. Thanks to all who helped with case studies.

Both Charlotte and David trained at The Northern Institute of Massage, which is a highly renowned institution and prides itself on being one of the oldest massage schools in the UK, founded in 1924.

David regularly takes Continuous Professional Development courses, including Treating Arthritis, Pre- and Post-Event Sports Massage, and Muscle Energy Techniques. We spend many weekends travelling from Plymouth to Manchester, which we always enjoy.

If you are interested in Remedial Massage training yourself, watch this video for a taster of the courses offered by the Northern Institute.

Remedial Massage is a system of examination and treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries and conditions. It can benefit both recent and older injuries, relieve pain, and help the patient return to a normal range of movement.

Some common conditions that can be successfully treated are: • Achilles Tendonitis • Shin Splints • Groin Strain • Tennis Elbow • Frozen Shoulder • Hamstring Injuries • Plantar Fasciitis • Scar tissue • Adhesions • Whiplash • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Repetitive Strain Injury • Stress • Insomnia

Muscle Clinic Remedial Massage Plymouth

New Clinic, New Couch

We’re always looking for ways to tweak and improve what we do at The Muscle Clinic, and have made a couple of big changes already this year. We have invested in an electric massage couch. It lowers down to just 90cm, which makes it much easier for those with limited mobility to get on and off. The height can be quickly adjusted to suit the treatment we’re giving, and it makes for an altogether more comfortable massage treatment.

The second piece of news is that The Muscle Clinic has moved to a different room within the HQ Building. We are now based in Room 29. We come down to reception to meet all patients though, so you won’t get lost! We think the new room is much cosier and have taken a few photos for you to see.
Hope you like it.

Muscle Clinic Remedial Massage Plymouth

Pictures of The Muscle Clinic

We’ve been taking some pictures of the newly decorated Muscle Clinic. Here they are:

Muscle Clinic Massage Couch and Consultation Area
Massage Couch and Consultation Area
Muscle Clinic Remedial Massage Couch
The Muscle Clinic Massage Couch
Muscle Clinic Consultation Area
Consultation Area
Muscle Clinic Reception at Millfields Trust HQ
Muscle Clinic Reception at Millfields Trust HQ
Muscle Clinic at Millfields Trust HQ
Millfields Trust HQ, otherwise known as “the old Jaeger building”
Muscle Clinic Remedial Massage Plymouth
The Massage Room